Well here we are on Christmas Eve. Just about all of our Christmas layaways have been picked up and a few last minute shoppers are purchasing their final presents. An interesting thing happened this year. Both Nintendo and Sony sold out of their hit new gaming systems. This is worth mentioning because frantic parents are coming into Ye Old Bike Shop in search of a “second choice” gift. Many of them were a little uncomfortable with spending more than $70 on a bicycle for their child. The value of a quality bicycle is something that I have explained on a daily basis for over a decade. It seems to me however in a nation of obesity, the bicycle may be exactly what “junior” needs. I will make it a goal for 2007 to make children want and ask for a shiny new bicycle in lieu of the latest game console this time next year. Until then, may you all have a very Merry Christmas!



  1. shamefully i’m one of them =) I have a rotten bicycle but I’m thinking of a wii. and i live in the netherlands (bicycling everywhere).

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