The other day a man on a very loaded bike stopped by the shop. For the past 16 years Thomas Beasley has been riding his bike around the United States to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. Thomas stopped by asking for assistance. The shop and a representative of the Frederick Peddlers (the president in fact) made donations to help him along the way. Good luck Thomas we wish you a pleasant journey.


  1. I was in Tucson for El Tour 2003 and I met Thomas. I passed him when he was riding along a city street I was driving my pickup. I pulled over in a parking lot and waved him over. He was riding a setup like in the photos. We talked for a while and explained that between Tucson and El Paso is a long ride with little opportunities for fund raising. He was heading for the interstate to hitch a ride east. We loaded his bike and trailer into my truck. We stopped for lunch in Benson then unloaded his stuff at a rest stop on I-10.Spiderman is a real nice guy and has some great cycling stories. He loves to Bowl, and this is the truth he carries his own ball!

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