Here is a sneak peak at some of the 2009 Specialized Langsters. For the new year the big red ‘S’ added Las Vegas, Tokyo, and San Francisco to the fixed gear, city-themed line-up.

These bikes always have fun touches. The Vegas ride has a gold stem and brake calipers which add a touch of gaudy class. Straight-up Vegas baby!


  1. its not a IRO fixed.., but i’m waiting for My Las Vegas langster to arrive at my shop in a 52 cm. and i can’t wait….it’s not custom, but specialized is paying attention and they got it right with this model. the langster gets better every year

  2. just a question…i just ordered a langster, dose the flip flop hub come equipped with a cog on both sides?i will be riding it as a fixie and just want to know wether or not im going to have to buy a cog for the fixed side.

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